iNaturalist Mushroom Identification

An iNaturalist Introduction to Mushrooming This YouTube Video helps observers know how to take great mushroom pictures on the iNaturalist app.  Learning to look for mushrooms, is the first step to find the habitats for mushrooms and where mushrooms may be hiding.

Exploring and Identifying Fungi with iNaturalist Mycological Association of Washington DC brought in Carrie Seltzer  PhD, an ecologist and  iNaturalist curator came on board to create this YouTube Video to help folks with their identifications of Mushrooms.  

How to Take a Spore Print to Identify Mushrooms by the University of Waterloo Mycology Lab helps the citizen scientist learn about making a spore print, a very exciting method to enhance identification of mushrooms / fungi.

Mushrooms 101 Mycological Association of Washington DC MAWDC Vice President Elizabeth Hargrave  explores mushrooms and fungi and helps you to use a field guide or taxonomy chart which is very helpful in making identifications by the observer or the identifier on iNaturalist.