Hints and Tips iNaturalist How To

Helpful iNaturalist Canada How-To sheets here, and how to get involved with iNaturalist City Nature Challenge

Pamphlets and Posters

Pamphlets and posters for downloads -

2022 CNCYXE results

How did Saskatoon and Area do the very first time they took part in the City Nature Challenge in 2022? Find out here.

 Sharing on Social Media

Sharing images for social media, hash tags, and how to promote the CNC YXE 2023

Educator and Parent Guide

Before the City Nature Challenge Hints and Tips.

Exploring Nature in and Around Your Home

How to find nature in the city

Educational Resouces for Teachers and Naturalists

Teaching materials about Fungi appropriate for Grades K-3, Grades 4-12 and adult education use in a classroom or lab setting


A pdf download about the City Nature Challenge 2022

Nature Lovers AND Environment Naturalist Coordinators

Postings for Environment Naturalist Coordinators AND Nature Lover Observation Recorders

How To Host Your Own BioBlitz Event

Planning a BioBlitz? Quick How-To meetings.