Hints and Tips iNaturalist How To

Helpful iNaturalist Canada YouTube videos, How-To sheets here, and how to get involved with iNaturalist City Nature Challenge

Pamphlets and poster

YouTube, TikTok. Brochures, pamphlets, and a poster for you to download for the City Nature Challenge 2024 -

2022 CNCYXE results

How did Saskatoon and Area do the very first time they took part in the City Nature Challenge in 2022? Find out here.

SIGNS OF LIFE accepted

This includes encounters with signs of organisms like tracks, nests, sound recordings or things that just died, etc. - LEARN MORE


We encourage your business, classroom, community association, youth group to take part in the CNC YXE! Your logo on the Saskatoon CNC YXE 2024 banner!


How can you or your business support with in-kind or philanthropic generosity?

Thank you to SNS for sponsorship

Nature's Champions: Where Youth Become Eco-Stewards. Empowering Youth, Enriching Ecosystems: A Partnership with Purpose. From Exploration to Conservation.

In Appreciation of Montgomery Place for support

Montgomery Place: Where History and Nature Thrive, Rooted in History, Growing for the Future. Where Every Step is a Tribute to the Past and a Promise to the Future.

Honoring James and the Métis Translation of the CNC Logo

Celebrating Culture, Collaboration, and Conservation: Michif and Métis: Voices in the City Nature Challenge. Michif Translation of the logo: A Symbol of Unity in the CNC YXE 2024

Honoring Varsity View Community Association

Growing Together, Greening Together: Varsity View's Story. Celebrating Environmental Stewardship in Varsity View, Sowing Seeds of Sustainability: Varsity View.

Discover Nutana: A Unique Blend of Heritage and Conservation

Nutana's Heartbeat: Conservation, Community, Connection. Championing Biodiversity and Nature Appreciation. In gratitude for collaboration.

A Grateful Salute to Wild About Saskatoon's Nature Advocacy

Wild About Saskatoon: Nurturing Nature, Nurturing Community. Bringing Nature to Life: Wild About Saskatoon Inspires Action.

A Heartfelt Thanks to SaskTel's sponsorship

SaskTel: Empowering Communities, Nurturing Nature. Together We Grow: SaskTel Cultivating Environmental Sustainability.

Appreciating SaskPower's Sponsorship

Empowering Minds, Preserving Nature: SaskPower's Legacy. SaskPower: Energizing Conservation, Illuminating Minds.

Celebrating Rosewood Collaboration

Rosewood: Where Every Step is a Journey into Nature's Heart. Celebrating Nature, Building Connections: Rosewood's Legacy

City Nature Challenge 2024: Celebrating Nature Across Saskatchewan

Discover Wildlife: Saskatchewan's Contribution to the City Nature Challenge

Preserving Saskatoon's Urban Forest: A Collaboration with SOS Trees

From Canopy to Community: SOS Trees Advocates for Urban Forest Health

Exploring Caswell Hill

A Gratitude Letter to the Community Association thank to your collaboration to promote CNC YXE on socials

CNC YXE 2024 host: Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas

An introduction to the non profit environmental charity Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.

 Sharing on Social Media

Sharing threads, hash tags, for the CNC YXE 2024 on Social Media! An easy method for you to share content!

Educator and Parent Guide

Engaging Youth with Nature. Hints and Tips, curriculum ideas.

Exploring Nature in and Around Your Home

How to find nature in the city

Educational Resouces for Teachers and Naturalists

Teaching materials about Fungi appropriate for Grades K-3, Grades 4-12 and adult education use in a classroom or lab setting

Nature Lovers AND Environment Naturalist Coordinators

Postings for Environment Naturalist Coordinators AND Nature Lover Observation Recorders

Enchanted Forest Exploration: Discovering Wildlife and Wonders

Tales from the Trail: An Interactive Journey Through Nature

Going on a Nature Walk

Join us on an exciting journey through the wonders of nature with our new song, inspired by the rhythm of "Going on a Lion Hunt." 🌿🎶 Follow along as we explore the beauty and biodiversity of the natural world, from tall grasses to serene wetlands, and everything in between!