We are volunteering to organize the local event for City of Saskatoon and area entitled the “City Nature
Challenge CNCYXE 2024“ happening between April 26 to April 29, 2024. We are requesting support for
the event we have planned to support global conservation and highlight our local biodiversity. We are
helping to organise this local event along with the Canadian Wildlife Federation who are the Canadian
hosts, and the Community Science teams at the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History
Museum of Los Angeles County who are the international organizers. We hope that you are able to

The CNCYXE 2024 event takes place April 26 to April 29, 2024, and we would welcome official
involvement from the you. Anyone can participate in the CNC, and inspiring people to explore local green
spaces and natural habitats has added benefits, including developing a record of local wildlife, species at
risk or finding invasive species. Your contribution will make it possible for us to celebrate the community
coming together to make a difference in developing a record of our local biodiversity simply by taking
pictures and uploading them through the iNaturalist smartphone app or online – it’s a great way to protect
the environment. Any of the following would be greatly appreciated.

• Prizes or gift cards for the citizen science volunteers

• Cash donations towards supporting naturalist BioBlitz Leaders and classroom field trips (Example;
$130 to ensure one classroom can connect with nature with a bus rental, $200 rents an outside
portable bathroom for classroom field trips.

• Did you know? You can receive as much as 53% back through charity tax deductions.

• Bottle donations for recycling also help enormously towards this effort.

• Refreshments for the citizen science volunteers are welcome after spending a few hours outside.

• Volunteers are needed to take photos of nature in the City Nature Challenge during a scheduled
Bio-Blitz event, or on their own in any outdoor greenspace.

• Your organization could create a mini-challenge with another local organization as you see fit to
see which business could get the most people out, find the most species, and gather the most
observations of nature.

• Promoting the event through your communication channels to spread the word.

For more information on the Saskatoon and Area City Nature Challenge CNCYXE2024 email

We look forward to speaking with you more about the great work our group is doing in the community.
Thank you in advance for your support and generosity