City Nature Challenge 2024: Celebrating Nature Across Saskatchewan

We came across an exciting update from Mary Krieger regarding Manitoba's involvement in the City Nature Challenge. Inspired by this, we're thrilled to share our own announcement. Join us in participating in the annual City Nature Challenge from April 26 to 29, a four-day event aimed at exploring nature and gathering data on local biodiversity. With the days getting longer and temperatures rising, wildlife behaviors are shifting, offering a unique opportunity to observe everything from Canada geese to Wood frogs and showcase the beauty of spring in our region.

For those in Saskatchewan, there are dedicated projects in Regina and Saskatoon. By joining a City Nature Challenge project near you, you'll connect with fellow participants. Each project provides a countdown timer and defines the survey area boundaries, which typically include nearby natural areas and city-owned green spaces. To learn more about Canada's involvement, visit or explore the global perspective at

Saskatchewan boasts 16 cities and residents can still have the option of participating, from such places as Lloydminster, which spans the provincial border with Alberta. Notably, Flin Flon, despite straddling the Manitoba provincial border, is not included as a city of Saskatchewan- though residents can still be included in the nature challenge. The cities in Saskatchewan are Estevan, Humboldt, Lloydminster, Martensville, Meadow Lake, Melville, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Warman, and Weyburn. If you're not close to Saskatoon or Regina, don't worry—join the City Nature Challenge 2024: Global Project. This project welcomes observers from anywhere on Earth who wish to contribute during the specified four days April 26 to 29.